Praise for Peacerunner

“This gripping and wonderful story is personal for me. I was born and raised in Northern Ireland, and as I started my professional act-
ing career in Belfast, the violence of the Troubles was raging. Bruce Morrison and the other heroes (unsung to my mind) of this terrific book accomplished the seemingly impossible and ultimately miraculous! The world needs more stories like this and more men like this. —Liam Neeson

“Peacerunner is a riveting account of the nonviolent tactics used to bring peace to Northern Ireland. Bruce Morrison is a true humanitarian devoted to reconciliation. His commitment to justice and the highest use of political service is an inspiration to us all.”  —John Lewis, US Representative

“This important and wonderfully human story revolves around one extraordinary American’s determination to help end an ancient bloody conflict that people thought would never stop. The light it casts on the intricacies of the Irish Peace Process, especially the American role, is a genuine revelation. Penn Rhodeen’s fast-paced account is a joy, like a novel you’d devour for pure pleasure. His deep understanding of the politics and the astute strategies, dogged persistence and interactions grand and subtle between unforgettable characters—from leaders of nations and Nobel Prize winners to political activists and guerrilla fighters—make Peacerunner an exceptionally rewarding read. Fascinating and inspirational.”  —J. J. Lee, historian and director of Glucksman Ireland House, New York University, author of Ireland 1912–1985 Politics & Society and The Modernisation of Irish Society, 1848–1928, and coeditor of Making the Irish American

“With clarity and insight, Penn Rhodeen’s Peacerunner illuminates Bruce Morrison’s largely unsung role on the arduous path to peace in Northern Ireland. In a sequence of novelistic revelations, the book depicts the true heroes of the story, among them Morrison, Bill Clinton, and George Mitchell, as well as offering dispassionate portraits of the many recalcitrants, from Ian Paisley to John Major, while Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams, despite his links to the IRA, emerges as a pragmatic politician more interested in the future than the past. The historic Good Friday Agreement in 1998 was not the end of the Troubles, but a critical turning point. How and why peace broke out in Northern Ireland, an important story most Americans don’t understand, is elucidated cogently and gracefully in Rhodeen’s Peacerunner." —Katharine Weber, author of The Music LessonThe Memory of All That, True Confections, and Triangle and editor at large of Kenyon Review

“Peacerunner is a terrific new addition to the story of Irish America and the literature of the Irish Peace Process. The story of how Bruce Morrison and other brave and stalwart Irish Americans helped bring peace to Ireland has been told by Penn Rhodeen with remarkable insight and a marvelous cast of characters. And he has written it with such style and momentum that it’s great fun to read. All Irish Americans, no matter which side of the conflict our families were on, should read and remember this story—and pass it on with great pride to our children and grandchildren.” —Loretta Brennan Glucksman, chairman emeritus of American Ireland Fund

“Here is an enthralling story of redemption, how one man, our former congressman, picked himself up after a crushing defeat and helped create an international triumph of peacemaking. What Bruce Morrison did in Northern Ireland should stand as a model for helping resolve conflicts all over the globe. You don’t have to be Irish to love."  —Rabbi Herbert N. Brockman, Congregation Mishkan Israel, Hamden, Connecticut

“This is a great and important story, thrilling and beautifully written, about how the world gets better.”  —Rebecca Moore, director of Google Earth